Led screen with mcDonalds logo on it

Led screens

If you are interested in which types of LED screens exist, then you are in the right place. For every LED screen there is we have couple examplary images and description of where you might need them.

Text LED screens

Text screens are one of the most simple LED screen types there are. They are user to give some kind of information about products.

Logo LED screens

Logo LED screens are good to use infront of a business. They are very useful in making your business seen on the streets.

Video LED screens

Video LED screens are used to give information to potential clients fast.

LED screens for trailers

LED screens on top of trailers are good for usage at events. (To show adverts or live streams)

See-through LED screens

See-through LED screens are especially good if the buildings the business is hosted at has giant windows which are easily seen from the streets. These types of screens do not lose their visibility in direct sunlight.

LED screens for taxis

LED screens for taxis are usually used to advert something.

3D Hologram LED

3D hologram LED is a new and eyecatching technology. They are used to ensure ensure that people see the products.