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LED screens

Our products are made in the factory according to our clients’ needs. TOP 20 models are immediately available and do not need to be pre-ordered. In cooperation with the producing factory, we can offer the best price for clients as well as resellers.

Main advantages of LED screens:

  • INNOVATIVE PRODUCT – The compact and mobile screen can display all texts, time of day, timer, temperature and high-quality multimedia images, thereby attracting people’s attention like a magnet.
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS LEVEL – The main property of the screens is good visibility, ensuring good clarity even on a sunny day. At the same time, brightness can be regulated automatically according to the time and need.
  • LARGE SELECTION OF VARIOUS SIZES – Thanks to the thin design and light weight of the modules, screens can be formed effectively in any size. Most common screen formats are constantly in store.
  • FUNCTIONALITY – The screen displays self-produced text operatively, therefore information displayed on the screen can be updated very easily and quickly with no extra cost. Information can also be sent remotely from another country if necessary.